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  • Categories: Dachshund
  • Name of Puppy Tank
  • Price 600
  • Sex Male
  • Age 11 weeks old
  • Status Available
  • Registry AKC
  • Puppy ID #159993

Hey Dachshund people, my name is Tank! I am told that I’m the sweetest. I just love being with you. I’m looking for a nice family that can give me lots of love and attention.

Dachshunds are scent hound canines that were developed to hunt badgers, rabbits, and foxes. Hunters even trailed wild boar with groups of Dachshunds. Today, their adaptability makes them great family dogs, show dogs, and small-game hunters.

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Dachshunds have a lot of energy and stamina. They enjoy going for walks or playing outside with other dogs, as well as hunting and digging. They are also active inside and may thrive in compact living spaces if they get a reasonable amount of daily movement. Two half-mile walks (approximately 10 minutes each) each day is about right. When time is limited, a game of fetch will satisfy their demand for action.

They should reside in the house rather than outside or in a kennel. Jumping on and off furniture can cause back injuries in Dachshunds, so purchase a ramp or stairs and educate them to utilize it if they want to climb up on the sofa.

If properly motivated, Dachshunds may learn rapidly. To maintain their attention, use positive reinforcement such as food prizes or a favorite toy, and keep training sessions brief. If the Dachshund is forced to perform the same activity over and again, he will grow bored soon, so make obedience practice enjoyable and engaging.

Housetraining might be a challenge for this breed at times. A Dachshund may not feel the need to relieve himself outside. Patience and perseverance are required. Crate training is also beneficial.

Tank Dachshund

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