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  • Categories: Pomeranian
  • Name of Puppy Duda
  • Price 600
  • Sex Male
  • Age 10 weeks old
  • Status Available
  • Registry AKC
  • Puppy ID #125487

Hey Pomeranian people, my name is Duda.  I am told that I’m the sweetest. I just love being with you. I’m looking for a nice family that can give me lots of love and attention.

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The now-tiny Pomeranian has a long and intriguing history as a descendant of huge sled dog breeds. The foxy-faced dog, dubbed “the tiny dog who believes he can,” is small, lively, and capable of agility and obedience competitions as well as being a family buddy.


Pomeranians are a fantastic choice for apartment dwellers and anyone without a fenced yard since they are highly active indoors. They are moderately active and would benefit from numerous short daily walks or play sessions.

Furthermore, they’re surprisingly tough and love longer journeys, but bear in mind that they’re little and heat-sensitive. They like playing and can become bored quickly, so provide them with a variety of toys and change them periodically so they have something fresh to play with. Toys that challenge them are particularly appealing to them.

Trick training is a hobby that both you and your Pomeranian will love. Pomeranians appreciate being the focus of attention and enjoy learning new things, so teaching them tricks is a great way to interact with them while also giving exercise and mental stimulation. Because they have a limited attention span, make training sessions short and entertaining. Praise treats, or play with your Pomeranian anytime he follows an order or does anything else you enjoy.

Duda Pomeranian Dog

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